Asia’s Favorite Winter Social Sharing Concept

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Edmonton is a Winter city, and although we may prefer the warmth that summer offers, where many organizers plan their events to cater for the best time to be outside, that period only lasts for 6 months a year on average.
Edmonton is also a very culturally rich city, but because we are a Winter city, events and festivals that highlight our diversity which are abundant during warmer months, far less occur during the Winter season.
The inspiration for this outdoor event is to eventually become and join some of the spirited community events happening in the Winter months like Deep Freeze Byzantine Festival, Ice on Whyte, Silver Skate Festival and many others to promote and integrate diverse cultures into our city during the Winter season.
With this event, we are hoping to match Edmonton’s unique environment with one of Asia’s popular social sharing concepts, utilizing both innovation and technology to bring people together.
The event, Hot Pot Extreme Elimination showcases 8 food enthusiasts contest cultural dishes while dining outdoors in late February. Each foodie draw from a lottery system to indicate which raw food ingredient they will have to cook and consume in their Hot Pot, each will draw a maximum of 6 dishes to complete this challenge.
Audiences can engage in the event by cheering on these brave connoisseurs at our live location or by tuning in through Facebook and watching the event transpire via Live Stream.
For registered Zan users, you may earn Zan points by scanning the QR Codes that will be seen in person live or via the live stream. In addition, your vote in the Tournament feature for your favorite Hot Pot contestant to help us crown the event champion.
Zan is a Tech. Startup developed right here in Edmonton, we are SUS17 graduates – Y Combinator’s inaugural Startup School and a commons member at Startup Edmonton. Our app, a Social Media Networking platform aims to solve the problem of cluttered content by personalizing a user’s feed, while utilizing artificial intelligence to solve context marketing for brands.

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