Being a Founder and CEO is incredibly rewarding, but it is a lonely and difficult journey. You are endlessly spending time growing a dream while others are working set hours with full time benefits.

But there cheat codes available in building a Startup.

And these cheat codes are commonly known as mentorship. These people share their advice, experience and point out problems before they happen so you can build a faster and better product with the streamlined knowledge.

ZanQ is that platform that recommends tailored mentorship resources personalized by Artificial Intelligence to match your Startup needs. These cheat codes help you to build your Startup faster by streamlining your knowledge.

Reduce your odds significantly failing with our app.


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Founders Network

We all have friends, but unless your friends are in the Startup world, they likely don’t share the same passion as you in building Startups, and are likely to change the conversation anytime they can.

Imagine a community where you can talk to other Founders who speak your language, understand your frustrations, share their network with you and inspire you to become more.

Streamlined Resources

Discover resources tailored to your Startup space, as well as the stage of your Startup.

Solve problems faster, have the foresight to see upcoming problems and raise your odds of becoming a success story.


This is open networking platform, where you can discover information and knowledge without having to build a list of friends to connect with.

Do away with networks bombarded with images your friends sharing those amazing holidays or adventures while your stuck building a business. Join the journey of other Startups, get tips on what worked for them, and find motivation in successes.


Get the early updates on the latest innovations that are happening around the world.

Discover potential solutions to your bottlenecks and connect to collaborate with fellow Founders to scale faster.


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Frequently Asked Questions

ZanQ is a standalone and seperate platform from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., so you will need to download our app and use our platform independently.

We believe the approach of collecting massive amounts of personal data from users to predict behaviours and triggers is simply unethical.

Although our model is free to use, and our revenue is predominantly derived from advertising, we don’t allow Brands to choose their targets, ads are matched to relevance of the content instead.

Currently it is being predominantly used by Startup Founders, that not to say it’s all exclusively Founders.

There are Angel Investors, Community builders, and Startup Superfans have registered as they have shared interest in the Startup ecosystem.

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