A Smart Connector

For the Machine Learning Community

Artificial Intelligence is an exciting new technology that everyone is talking about, and we believe in bringing people together who are actively working on or are interested in learning about Machine Learning.

We are a Networking platform, where we find others around the world that share common interests, values and passions, and connect you to them, in an effort to foster collaboration in the Machine Learning space.

But there are alot of Social Networks out there that already do this, what we do differently is match you by compatibility, based on our custom models.

While we haven’t been around for a long time, we have been able to connect co-founders and Data Scientists to their dream jobs. Join this community and let us help you find who you are looking for.


To Collaborate

Fostering Conversations

We’re exploring various ways to get people to talk to each other, and we’ve found that discussions are more natural in a Social Media setting when individuals with the same passion are brought together. This is why we settled on building a Social Conversation platform to enable this initiative.

One on One Connections

Social Media is great way to bring the world together, and we believe that the next generation of bringing people together is through more intimate conversations on a one to one basis.

Connecting you to individuals that are compatible to you will increase the chances that stronger relationship will develop, leading to higher opportunities for collaboration.

User Data and Privacy

As an Artificial Intelligence powered platform, we use your platform behavior to strictly connect you to others, and to help others find you, for the purpose of collaboration and relationship building.

With user data comes corporate responsibility, and we unanimously agree that introducing advertising as a revenue source would be the opposite of responsible, be assured we won’t sell your data for advertiser to mass market you.

Global Responsibility

While Silicon Valley is amazing, and has introduced us to many valuable technologies and products we use today, it has other problems to content with, like homelessness.

By centralizing talent to a exclusive regions, we’re creating a Brain drain from other poorer areas in the world, adding to poverty by taking individuals who could have helped shaped their communities.

While we acknowledge these brilliant individual may not have gotten the resources needed in their area to become who they are today, we also have to ask how many other brilliant individuals didn’t get the resources they needed because they chose to fight the problems in where they live.

By connecting these users to people collaboration opportunities, hopefully we can slow down this effect.


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Popular FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

ZanQ is a standalone and seperate platform from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., so you will need to download our app and use our platform independently.

The data we collect is to better personalize resources to connect you to others on the platform, we are a networking platform, and play the part of a Smart Connector.

We do not sell you data to advertisers in an attempt to mass market, our revenue model based on the number of quality people we can connect you to, not advertising.

The platform is designed to connect everyone involved in Artificial Intelligence space, these include and are not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurs (Founders)
  • Researchers
  • Data Scientists
  • Students studying Machine Learning
  • Service Providers
  • Angel Investors
  • Venture Capitalists

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