Social Media has brought the world closer together, but in doing so, it has created another problem, messy timelines and newsfeed.

We are all unique, and while we share some common interests, we share many unique uncommon cultures, ideas, lifestyles, and beliefs. So as your social media network grows, so does the amount of content on you feed that you don’t care much for.

Zan filters out this clutter, and personalizes your feed to your interests. Saving you from time and frustration of having to scroll through for the content you want to see. We are a localized Social Networking platform.

So rather than focus on the things that make you different, spend more time focusing on the things that bring us together.


Personalized Local Social Networking

Infinite Network

Don’t limit yourself to how many connections you can build through networking, our platform doesn’t. Your feeds stay consistent as your network grows, keeping your feed personalized to what you want to see.

Personal Connections

While other platforms move towards news driven content, our platform focuses on driving personal content to help foster personal relationships.

Interest Networking

Discover and connect to others within your vicinity that share your interests. Zan is a great platform to build communities within a local environment.

Earn Rewards

The more you use Zan, the more rewards you will earn. Our platform encourages  engagement through incentives.

Social Media-preneur

Who says being on Social Media doesn’t pay off? There are various ways on Zan  where your online presence can earn you great rewards with your local community.

Support Local

Giving back to the community is our initiative, and you too can be part of this. Leverage your social media to help support local businesses in your area with Zan.

How it works

How Zan personalizes your Feed

  • 01
    Step 1 : Grow your Network

    Get your friends and family to try Zan, or build friends and connection from our Zan community.

  • 02
    Step 2 : Discover Content

    In our Fetch feature, discover categorized content based on your interests.

  • 03
    Step 3 : Check your Feed

    As you continue to explore categories in fetch, your personalizing your preferences, and this will be reflected on your feed whenever your network is sharing content that matches your preferences.


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Popular FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Zan is a standalone and seperate platform from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., so you will need to download our app and use our platform independently.

However, if you have an Instagram and Twitter account, you can link them to Zan, and import your posts into Zan with a single click.

We believe the approach of having to create personal profiles of users to sell to advertisers is simply wrong, there is another approach. We believe brands only care for results, and our algorithms can do a better job matching you as a user to  products and services you want to see, only when you want to see it.

Yes you can, and you can definitely talk to our local partner businesses to get their perspective on why they are part of the program.

Our company mandate is to create value over financial gain.

Since this is a free app, what do you have to lose by trying us out?

You own your content, we only ask for permission to share it on our platform. When you delete your content, it will not longer be accessible on Zan.

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