An Influencer Platform

For Travellers

We want people to realize how much their data is worth, so we’ve built a platform to cultivate fairness, where everyone should be paid for their content, nano-influencer. (Less than 1000 followers/friends)

The other aspect we care deeply about is diversity.

Traveling to far ends of the world enriches perspectives and imbues humility that enables us to see different cultures as distinct fabrics that make the world an amazing and wonderful place.

And while not everyone has the time or financial means to travel, what we can do is share the sights and sounds of the world together, and remind ourselves that we were never meant to build walls.

We hope you share our principles, enough to sign up to share the World through your lens.

How to works ?

Three Easy Steps

  • 01
    Step 1 : Share your adventures

    Share your travel adventures.

  • 02
    Step 2 : Receive offers from Brands

    Build up your score through engagement, Brands will reach out to pay you to craft an authentic message out of their offerings. You can choose which brands to work with as they are matched based upon your personal preferences.

  • 03
    Step 3 : Collect tokens

    The platform runs on a blockchain concept known as tokens, Brands offer tokens to you to help promote their product, and you redeemed these tokens for rewards.


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