Let’s reshape Social Media to promote better communication skills.

Social Media has made it to effortless to interact, uploading a few images or videos here as our preferred form of communication.

This is having an adverse effect on social skills and more importantly lowering the quality of interpersonal communication.

Instead, we believe Storytelling is a better way to build connections.

Storytelling makes us experience information, as opposed to just consuming it. Allowing us to engage on a more personal level. Moreover, Understanding and creating narratives is a fundamental literacy skill.

Let's promote healthier interpersonal communication together, fostering a world of better Storytellers.

How it


We are different type of Social Media platform, one that brings together storytellers that share an emotional connection to a Borderless world.

How do I find Stories?

As you open the app, stories appear right away as shared by members of the community.

Each story is narrated by the app, all you do is click on the “Hear My Story” button to add context to the supporting image as shared by the traveler.

How do I share my own Stories?

Click on the create tab and start typing out your story.

Add image(s) that captures the moments of the story, and choose which category to file it under. To make the story private amongst only friends and family, do not select any category from the dropdown menu, rather just leave it as default and click OK.

Your story is now exclusive to only those whom have you as a friend.

Why can't I just use other Social Media platforms for this purpose?

Other major Social Media platforms are great apps and all have their own unique social culture.

We’re hoping to build a social culture of those who prefer a platform that focuses on storytelling and all the wonderful benefits it has to offer.

You won’t find much memes or selfies on here.

Who owns my content?

First off, we are ads free Social Media platform.

We believe the data belongs to the content creator, and they have the right to refuse or accept revenue sources for access to their content. Our model is based off an influencer marketing system.

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