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Within every adventure, lies a story that is waiting to be told.

We are a storytelling platform for people who love to hear travel stories.

Connect with travels through laughter, failure or everlasting impressions and help others find their next travel spot.


You type out your story, and we’ll read it out loud for the world to hear.

We use Artificial Intelligence to transmute your text into speech, so your audience can soak in your travel pictures while hearing out the context.

How it


We are different type of Social Media platform, one that brings together storytellers that share an emotional connection to a Borderless world.

How to find Stories?

As you open the app, stories appear right away as shared by members of the community.

Each story is narrated by the app, all you do is click on the “Hear My Story” button to add context to the supporting image as shared by the traveler.

How to share your own Adventure?

Click on the create tab and start sharing what happened on your latest adventure.

Add an image that captures one of the best moments of the trip, and choose which category to file it under. To make the story private amongst only friends and family, do not select any category from the dropdown menu, rather just leave it as default and click OK.

Your story is now exclusive to only those whom have you as a friend.

How to connect to other travelers?

If you like a story and want to chat with the member in private, just click on their avatar from their post, and select Add a Friend.

You will have to wait until they confirm, as well as sharing a Zan token.

The payment of the Zan token help to prevent users from mass adding other members in efforts to spam.

What else can I do?

For now, the app is strictly a storytelling adventure platform.

But we are adding features on a continual basis, if you have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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