Adventures, Social Media and Making Money

In this blog, I’ll be sharing how a user can make money on the ZanQ platform, but before I get started, allow me to share the motivation behind this platform.

We are in the age of Artificial Intelligence, where both simple and complex tasks are being automated for accuracy, speed and lower costs of operations. Artificial Intelligence is expected displace as many as 40% of the current jobs in the marketplace. I strongly feel there is no stopping the advancement of this piece of technology, we are entering the age of Artificial Intelligence evolution.

There are already so many organization working to advance the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. But while others push primarily towards the reasons stated above, we’d are pushing Artificial Intelligence to perform a different task, we’d hoping to see how many jobs Artificial Intelligence can create instead.

Here’s what ZanQ does:

We use Artificial Intelligence to classify and mark down only the products and services you are interested in, then we match you up to collaborate with Brands offering those products and services. In this collaboration, you share your experience with the Brand’s offering, and the Brand pays you for mentioning their product or service in your post, it’s that simple.

Why would Brands do this?

Well, advertising is evolving. As consumers we are constantly being thrown product placement ads and service at the most inopportune times, and so consumers are adapting and tuning out any message the pushing something to be bought. Instead, we are attracted to authenticity and storytelling – and so Brands are recognizing that Nobody wants to be sold something, but rather, to be made aware of what they are missing out on.

To start your path into getting paid from influencing on Social Media, download the app, create an account and start sharing some of your adventures locally and abroad by posting content.

As the community starts to engage in your adventures, your Zan score will change, this is your credibility score, and gives Brands a perspective on how many people are taking interest in following you and your outings. As you post more content, we will be able to match you up with more Brands, and they’ll start to manually send offers to you to share some of the products and services, the order of users that appear to the Brand will based on the credibility score and the relevance to the Brand’s offerings.

Once you receive an offer from a Brand, you will be offered a complimentary service visit or product, which will allow you the opportunity to take picture and to experience the offering. You are then expected to share a story or experience with that offering on the platform. Which each engagement (A like or a comment received),  you will be paid based upon your credibility score through Zan tokens. Each token is equivalant to $0.12.

Let’s run an example, let’s say your Zan Score is 300.

You agree to collaborate with a Brand that is offering a service, so you share a post on your experience with the service. Within 24 hours, there are 200 unique clicks to your posts, 30 likes, and 20 comments. Based on this tier, you would be receiving 320 tokens from this single post, netting you $40 for this simple task.

Imagine if you are collaborating with 20 companies a month? That’s an $800.00 of income for using Social Media.

The great thing is, your not selling anything, you are only expected to share your experience of the product and service, authenticity is the key.

So, if your always looking to share your adventures, whether it is by yourself or with your family, then use ZanQ, and help us create more jobs with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Photo courtesy of iPhoto.

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