Are you way too smart to fall for it?
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We are a data driven society, the data brings so much more context from a situation and allows us to make better decisions, so I’m not against collecting data, but I’m against the path of pushing for collecting more personal data for the purposes of selling to corporations.

Here’s why, and let me approach this another angle.

As human, we tend not to see things until they become reality, we’re just too busy to have worry about new problems to look out for or to potentially solve.

Take for example the Social Media space, we tend to see the collection of our personal data being sold only to businesses that are trying to pedal us a product or service. We reason that since Facebook isn’t free, they need to sell ads to run their business, and since we don’t have a choice when it comes to seeing ads, why not personalize the ads. It sounds like a fair compromise, right?

Let me divert your attention to this question, have you ever had buyer’s remorse but on an decision as opposed to a purchase? Where you persuaded by someone that helped to support your decision at that time?

Let me share with you what I do as parent, because I know enough about my child, if I want to deter my child from doing something, I can manipulate my child through reasoning why it’s not in her best interest to follow through with that activity, and she will stop, no matter how illogical my reasoning would have been. Because through a combination of trust and superior intellect, I had my way.

Let’s apply this to adults, let’s say your about to make a decision, and that decision is not matter of life or death, NOR is it a question of right or wrong. Do feel that a multiple million dollar strategy created by a group of highly paid scientists who’s interest is maintaining their multiple billion dollar organization will have zero effect on your decision making process?

What if they knew everything about you, your challenges, your habits, your values, your strengths and weaknesses? Do you feel if they personalized the decision to one of your principles, that it may affect your decision now?

Let me say this outright, if you think your too smart to be manipulated, I’m here to tell you, your not. To believe your too smart that there is no group of individuals in this world who are paid experts yet would still be unable to crack your code is so amazingly arrogant.

The problem is not the businesses selling products or personal services, the problem is organizations looking to push agendas. You are always someone’s target to be manipulated, you owe it to yourself to try to make an effort of not being that low hanging fruit, in the age of personalized mass manipulation.

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