Building Networks vs. Building Connections
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Let’s make the world smaller by bringing everyone together, this is what Social Media Networking has achieved, as technology has unlocked the speed of which information can be shared.

But much like professional networking versus social networking, there is also difference between building a network and building a connection. There is a need for both, in here we share our opinion on why these should be on separate platforms.

Here’s what I define networking as:

To acquaint yourself with someone with the intent of getting something from that person.

Networks like Linkedin are a prime example of this, where you build a list of contacts that serve the purpose of personal growth, or the growth of your business. These platforms serve this purpose well, and everyone on Linkedin is well aware of the intentions of everyone else, so this makes perfect sense, and most know to keep unrelated personal content off this platform.

Now here’s how I define connections:

To acquaint yourself with someone WITHOUT an intention.

“Do You Care?” – Do you care to know about that new addition to their family? Do you care about their upcoming renewing of their vows? Do you care what they doing for volunteer work?

Examples of this would be how people follow Celebrities, or how our family member follow us. And there is spectrum of “Do I care” in personal connections as well, you may not care for every single piece of content, but you want to know what’s up these days with some of your kindergarten classmates. Now some contacts start out as networks and then evolve into personal connections with time as well.

Facebook started out becoming that platform for personal connections, but with it’s incredible growth it had to satisfy a broader audience, evolving into a hub for everything. For some, Facebook became their source for news, for others it was their advertising platform, for me it has become an unfocused playground of content with lots of clutter.

Zan hopes to become your connection platform, sourcing content that your willing to share, this is the tone and ambiences we’d like to keep on the platform. We will never be as big as Facebook because our focuses are completely different, our focus is to personalize this spectrum of content to fit your preferences.

What are you thoughts?

Do you feel the need to separate your connections and networks into different platforms, or are you comfortable with a one platform fits all?

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