Is your Timeline or Feed filled with spam?

An average person has just over 300 connections on Social Media, that’s a lot of content that’s being shared on your Timeline or Newsfeed!

Each one of us is unique, having our own set of evolving interests and hobbies. So conveniently, Social Media is ideal place to share our culture, passions, ideas and lifestyles, as to announce to the world that we are here, and this is what makes us unique.

The upside is that we feel a sense of community, integrating into a digital world that is meant to connect us all.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always this case, as more and more content is being shared beyond the capacity of what our brains were meant to absorb without frustration. Simply because, most of the content that is being shared isn’t that interesting to us, and is registered in our Neocortex as clutter (spam).

Here’s where Zan comes in, as a platform, we help identify categories that you are interested, even as your interests evolve. So imagine being able to scroll through your timeline/newsfeed and spending more time on each post to engage because your not being overwhelmed by pages and pages of content that’s feeding into your addiction for more information, but causing frustration and boredom at the same time.

For those of us struggling to find more time for other more important activities in our life can appreciate this simplified and condensed approach to Social Media, so you can stay connected without wasting anymore of your time. Time is after all, one of the most limited resources we have.

In addition, we as a society become more tolerant, and more connected to each of our infinitely many friends because each one of those networks are now only sharing information that is relevant to you, so your protected from new friends compounding irrelevant content infront of you.

So, rather than spending time on our differences, we can spend more time focusing on what brings us together instead.

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