How to get started getting paid to post

Isn’t it most people’s dream to be paid just for being on Social Media?

A decade ago, this became possible. However, only famous people were in on the deal, for the rest of us, we still had to find work elsewhere. But as the space started to evolve, the requirements started to relax, partly due to more companies looking for people to share their experience, and the list of famous people not being able to keep up, so Social Media users with 100,000 friends or followers were starting to get paid around minimally $1,000 per post with regular moms with a million followers making as much as $150,000 per video.

And now in 2019, with Artificial Intelligence trending, marketers are focusing more on authenticity. So how does this help you?

Most of us have been to a business where we were so excited we had to share it with a friend or a family member, and guess what happens? They end up going there, and if their experience meets the same level of excitement, well … a slow but steady Word of Mouth effect starts to spread, the holy grail of small business marketing.

As businesses started to get smarter, they are now initiating this process, as opposed to waiting for it to happen. But why would they look for you instead of that famous person?

In 2017/2018, business have moved from collaborating with mega stars (over 1M followers) to Social Media users with under 10k friends or followers, in hope those would bring them more benefits, as their influence was more genuine. This was partly because sponsored posts from mega stars were viewed as ads in the eyes of customers, it lacked authenticity and was seen as fake.

A Nano Influencer (Social Media user with under 1k friends/followers), is able to attract genuine engagement and trust from their audience, and is someone who can really convince their audience about something, who can, according to the Cambridge definition, “affect or change the way that other people behave“ without having to buy followers, do paid post promotion, or pay for engagement.

So if your intrigued, your wondering “How I can get started?”

Different platforms have different cultures, our platform resolves on being authentic, that’s why we use Artificial Intelligence to match you to Brands that already fall in line with your preferences, beliefs or principles. You should always reject offers from Brands that don’t align to your principles, because it may only take a few minutes to make a few thousand dollars, but a lifetime to regain the trust you lost from your friends and family.

Once you download the ZanQ app, start posting your travel adventures, lifestyle and dining out experiences. What we do is identify what you like, and then recommend you to our partners. If they send you an offer, and you prefer not to work with them, you always have the option to decline the offer and wait for other offers to come through.

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Our success is tied in with your revenue earning potential, so we’re on the same team, let us help you discover a new revenue stream for doing what you have been already doing all these years for free.



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