Is there still value in Social Media Networks?
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Social Media has impacted the rules of networking, the ability to share information has enabled the world to come together.

Unfortunately with every new innovation comes new problems, and in the case of Social Media, one of the problems is clutter. Everyone has taken the “share information” task to heart and have begun sharing anything and everything, giving rise to terms like information overload.

But let’s put that aside for a bit, Machine Learning can and will eventually solve that problem (we’re hoping that’s us), the bigger pet peeve I have is finding the value in Social Media, aside for being thoroughly entertained.

I once had a small network of friends and acquaintances, and back then I found more content favoring the “adding or creating value for their network” than I did of the “a self interest” update variety. Most of my network were sharing articles, resources and connections with only an occasional promotional update, this shared knowledge that I gained from my network was so valuable (Thank you for those who still are doing this) that every post was worth the time digesting the information.

However, as my network grew, my time on these platforms started to decline unless I had a “need” to connect with someone, which would be the inverse results the network effects, wouldn’t it?

I still believe Social Media is a powerful tool, but much like reality based communities, everyone has different personalities and interests. Has critical mass diluted the community culture built by early adopters? Or has the “Why” gotten fuzzy in favor of the “How”?

I’m curious, does anyone else feel this way? What are your thoughts?

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