ZanQ is dead – Welcome to the New ZanQ
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So after a short time experimenting on our concept, we were unable to find interest in building targeted communities in already saturated Social Media marketplace, so we’re pivoting our concept and community to another personal need, the need to connect to people similar to me.

Looking at Silicon Valley, I’ve heard from numerous people that it is the place to be for Startups, because of the sheer resources in the area, it raises the probability of success much more probable than most other areas, including the city I’m operating out of, it’s hard to compete with that type of defensibility. But here’s another aspect to consider why areas like Silicon Valley always wins: It’s one of the only communities where everyone talks to everyone, so when you have a connected startup community that is sharing information and knowledge so rapidly, innovation can be achieved much quicker and Startups are more likely to succeed as a result of so many intelligent people adding perspective to problem solving.

The key thing I learned was the power of knowledge sharing, often times it’s out there and free, but finding where out there is can take a long time or forever. I’m pivoting Zan into a Social Media Platform that aspires to be a wealth of knowledge through social sharing, where users to share content (Articles, Blog, Podcasts) on the platform, while our Artificial Intelligence model helps to deliver that shared resources to the users looking for them.

The price for this Knowledge? I feel it should be free … and those who see value in the resources could tip based on their appreciate for it.

Not everyone who wants a Ivy league education can afford one, they shouldn’t be denied the right to learn.

ZanQ is currently in beta for Android devices and can be downloaded on Google Play.

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