The Truth About Being a Startup Founder

I’ve barely started my journey, and I can already see the sloped rugged road ahead leading to the sizeable gap I somehow have to find a way to jump over to continue ascending.

Being a founder can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s a lonely and difficult journey that leads to depression or anxiety at least once, they say. Not many will dispute that working overtime everyday with part time benefits and entry level wages isn’t fun. But the reason for the sacrifice is because you have a vision to fulfill, and along with all the stress, like knowing the decisions you make may fail and lead to the end, not only for yourself, but to those who’ve given up their prime years to follow your dream as well.

I’m no longer on Facebook personally, aside from the recent news, it’s because my timeline is filled with vacation updates and weekend outings from my network. Not that I don’t wish them well, I’m actually happy for them, but the human side of me always feels envious of the people working 40 hour weeks and enjoying full time benefits.

The truth is, us Startups are underdogs, and everyone knows it, but what we can do is push to help each other to win, to cross the Chasm.

So while your staying strong, confident, while telling everyone your “killing it!”, you can be vulnerable is an community that can relate, figuring out how your going to exactly make everyone happy. Every founder should be in a community, big or small, like ZanQ, where you can have peer groups you can lean on for support.

You’ll be quite surprised by how rejuvenated and fresh you’d feel after chatting with fellow Startup Founders, after releasing into discussions about the struggles you have been facing, it’s very therapeutic. And your going to be even more surprised from finding how much your peers are willing to listen.

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