What are you worth?

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok

Ever since my journey into the Technology Startup space, one of the main principles I uphold is to only work on problems with a Social Cause.

Though unsuccessful thus far in transforming concepts into a business, it hasn’t hindered my determination into creating technology that prioritizes advancing meaningful causes for me.

Now, why build a Nano-Influencer platform for Travellers?

I will cover the Influencer space in another blog, but as Simon Sinek proposed, every organization needs a purpose, and mine treads into the area of user data.

There are platforms out there where content creators that meet a certain criteria have the ability to realize revenue from their creative work. But what about those who don’t identify as a content creator, but are collectively contributing a fair share of content to platforms without any returns?

While we can debate which pieces of content on Social Media have value, the reality is that engagement is the most important indicator for both the community and to the corporations, and it is this metric that determines which piece of content is invaluable. Everyone of us has created content that has generated engagement, with some more than others. This is what makes money, just not for most of us.

Our “Why” is to get users to see the value in their data.

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to becoming more advanced, user data which is essential for building AI models, it is the new gold asset. While many of us are contributing to building multi-billion dollar communities, we aren’t being treated as customers nor contributors. There is money available to be shared, it’s just that we as consumers have actively made a choice through our behaviour, effectively becoming unpaid employees.

Youtube, Twitch and Patreon are a couple examples of a trend where users can start to be more fairly compensated. I believe in this trend, and would like to join the cause as a platform where everyone who enjoys traveling can reap the rewards from sharing their adventures.

As for why I chose to focus on Travel?

The world is increasingly becoming more divisive as more isolationist views start to trend.

While we don’t live in a perfect world, there are many beautiful places that deserve our appreciation. Traveling is my opinion is a way to build perspective, cross-pollinate information, and to gain understanding and connection. So whether it is to inspire others to see the world through your lens, or to share places that deservedly should be experienced by more people, I chose to build a Travel community because I believe we were never meant to build borders, but rather to explore.

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